2007-11-24 15:00 - LuaTask 1.6.4
BUG (fixed): SegFault caused by async pthread cancellation.
2007-11-04 15:38 - LuaTask 1.6.3
Documentation of task.create changed (a previously undocumented feature about chunks).
Now is possible to use a binary chunk in task.create.
Small documentation typo in LuaTaskRG fixed.
Documentation in PDF form removed (only OO).
2007-09-15 17:09 - LuaTask 1.6.2
Memory problems fixed (test3.lua ran without any errors during 13 days til a manual stop).
New task memory allocation scheme.
New function "sleep".
Documentation update to 1.6.2.
2007-06-28 19:54 - LuaTask 1.6.1
Bug fix release.
2006-08-21 14:03 - LuaTask 1.6.0
LuaTask is now "Lua 5.1 ready".
Built against "Lua Binaries" distributions.
VC6 & VC8 project files supplied.
Binaries for Win32 (VC6 & VC8) and for Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.
2005-10-01 15:21 - LuaTask 1.5.2
This is mainly a maintenance release.
The only new feature is the support for LUA_INIT environment variable.
Each new task will honour LUA_INIT content, if set.
2005-04-03 14:07 - LuaTask 1.5.1
This is bug fixing release!
It's a mandatory upgrade for pthreads version users on any OS.

BUG (fixed): Memory leak caused by non detached pthread creation.
Now using Pthreads-Win32 2.1.0.
2004-08-23 08:20 - LuaTask 1.5 Final
LuaTask 1.5 Final is ready to download.
Now it can be linked with the lua executable or built as a loadable module.
The Reference Guide has been updated and there is a new manual.
2004-08-01 09:13 - LuaTask moved
Today LuaTask was moved to LuaForge.
You can find here the stable 1.4 version and the new 1.5 beta.